Nicho teaches group and private meditation courses in Paris, New York, London and Sydney, and runs meditation retreats in France and India.

Nicho's past experience with stress, sleep issues, alcohol and drugs, combined with his on-going business and family roles, gives him a broad perspective on the many challenges we face, and the joy we can experience, in life.

Nicho believes in applying a practical approach to meditation so people can weave it into their busy lives.  By applying the simple Vedic technique, it is possible for everyone to enjoy a quality of life that blends a rested and calm demeanor with the ability to be focused and active.  

Through meditation, experience an increase in awareness and clarity of mind and overall improvement in your physical well-being.
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In 2012, after 15 years in the business world, Nicho began a year-long journey learning to become a meditation teacher. 

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If you'd like to attend either an Introductory Talk or a Group Meditation Course, keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events.
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